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In recent years, social media has been plagued by censorship, deplatforming, privacy breaches, and content that is intolerant. To solve these problems, we designed a new protocol that uses community interactions to moderate content. We are experts in decentralized web technologies and cryptography, so we know how to make this work.

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In the past decade, social media has completely changed the way we interact with our friends and celebrities. But recently, people have begun to realize that social networks are no longer trustworthy. Users and creators alike have lost faith in these platforms because they don’t fight for their interests anymore.

Privacy breaches and massive uncontrolled collection of personal data are becoming more common in the digital world today. As a result, we have seen a huge increase of users being concerned with their online privacy and security.

We respect your privacy. We don't collect any personal data, nor do we use intrusive ads, censorship, or suggestions to try to manipulate your experience.

Human empowerment

Our community has the tools to control content distribution and protect their freedom of speech.


Our community rules and reward mechanisms are fully transparent. Our code is open source.


We distribute 90% of all platform revenues to its users.

This is made possible by the development of our blockchain technologies. In the future, we will allow users to spend their voting power on social projects. This way, passive internet users will become active contributors to society. Our goal is to give users a sense of ownership over the content they create and the value they generate.

Sneak Peek

VTV, a social blockchain designed to support social media platforms, is built on the foundations of two principles:

  • Use the power of decentralized technology to build trust with your users.
  • Implement a fair token economy to reward users for their contributions

Accumulate Voting Power (VP)

VTV is the first digital token that rewards its users with voting power. As soon as you buy VTV tokens, you receive one vote per hour. Tokens accumulate in your account, so you can get more votes and earn rewards. The more tokens you own, the more power you have to decide what happens on the platform.

Spend Voting Power

Users can then spend their VP on the following: posting videos, voting on videos, tagging videos, and commenting on videos.

Earn VTV Coins

The blockchain algorithm automatically rewards users for voting on issues. Your reward will increase based on how many people follow your vote.

Objective Behind Vlocity

VTV is a platform where users who post, vote, comment, or contribute to any kind of content are able to earn crypto tokens. Tokens can be used to promote content or can be exchanged for goods or services. Users can also hold onto them in hopes that they will gain in value.

Vlocity has created a social blockchain, where users are rewarded for their social contributions.

VTV as an innovator

Introducing VTV, a platform employing blockchain technology that supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. VTV combines concepts from social media with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities. Imagine the endless possibilities on VTV, where content that is created and shared will be secure, innovative and creative as content censorship will be less rigid, protecting privacy of the creators and users, and at the same time rewarding content creators, influencers and even users of the content with cryptocurrency.

From a social angle, it could also facilitate social causes where donations and the deployment of funds can be tracked in a transparent manner. The possibilities are endless to create a community that decides what content is appropriate and what content matters and reward those content creators and influencers accordingly.


VTV enables brands and social media communities to collaborate like never before

Vlocity will redefine the relationship between brands, content creators, influencers, and social networks by establishing a blockchain-based platform to connect these disparate stakeholders and offer them the tools to collaborate in the creation, discovery, and distribution of authentic community-driven marketing campaigns. By combining successfully applied models from social media marketing with learnings from communities spawned on the back of cryptocurrencies, VTV has designed an integrated online ecosystem that leverages the creative enterprise of the VTV Community to transform the way brands run marketing campaigns


Built-In Block Explorer

Composed of a series of tools specially designed to address developers’ and consumer needs, the Vlocity blockchain comes with its own integrated development environment (“IDE”) fused with a test net environment, bytecode analysis, block explorer and a suite of oracles which will allow users to push the boundaries of blockchain.

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VTV as a solution

We believe that each user is the root of his or her social network. The user is the link between social relationships, the input source of digital content, `` and the real source of digital traffic. With our solution, new applications can use rewards to incentivize users into using their social assets. This will carry out valuable social activities that will decentralize current social networks, compelling friends to join new applications, forming multi-application centers, and achieving interconnected social networks


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VTV strives to become an alternative to centralized social platforms where users are able to upload or watch short form videos on IPFS and like, comment, or share it on the decentralize Vlocity Blockchain, while earning VTV tokens in the process.

Token Model

Community self-moderation

With VTV, content is ranked exclusively by user’s upvotes, downvotes and tags. A popular piece of content (i.e. with lots of upvotes) goes up in its category to gain more exposure and a submission with a negative score is automatically hidden.

Community leaders

Vlocity is designed as a decentralized organization, run by elected leaders who decide to implement, or not, propositions from the development team to update any aspects of the blockchain. On Vlocity, blockchain validators (miners) are called leaders and are elected by the community in real time. Any registered user can vote (or unvote) for up to 5 “leaders” at any time. The top 21 users who receive the most votes are automatically elected. Their role is to host, run the blockchain, debate about and validate with a 2/3+ majority the implementation of update proposals (forks).

Platform reward

A platform reward (commission) can be set on Vlocity blockchain for the purpose of covering costs of the teams developing the platform (development, marketing, corporate, legal, partnerships and social projects). This reward comes on top of the classic distribution of tokens to users.

High scalability

Vlocity is designed to build social media platforms with mass audiences and can handle up to 10,000 transactions / second on enterprise-grade hardware. Scalability is similar to other DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake)

Holding VTV

Hold VTV to generate VP. Each unit of VTV produces for its holder +1 unit of VP per hour. VP can be spent to post, vote or tag content. VP is a critical determiner of content exposure as ranking is determined by the amount of VP received, its tags and freshness (publish date). The more VP spent on each of these actions, the more impact on the content exposure

Burning VTV

VTVs can also be used to promote content with more VP thanks to the burning mechanism by using the “promote video” feature while posting content. Promoting content requires an amount of VTV to be burnt. Burning tokens means the token will be withdrawn from the circulating supply (i.e. deleted) by the blockchain and an additional amount of VPs will be added to boost the post. Promoting content will provide more exposure to the post and more rewards to its author - if it is proved to be a successful piece of content.

Vlokr Roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of this token?

VTV strives to become an alternative to centralized social platforms where users are able to upload or watch short form videos on IPFS and like, comment, or share it on the decentralize Vlocity Blockchain, while earning VTV tokens in the process.

What is VP?

VP is short for Voting Power. Voting power is essentially power you generate from your staked up VTV to curate content.

What is VTV?

VTV is the currency of the Vlocity blockchain, it is a utility token than can be used to contribute to the platform.

Can I earn tokens

Yes of course. As you contribute to the platform, you will be provided with many chances of earning our native token.

Bounty starts in

  • 1000BNB
  • 2000BNB
SoftcapToken Hardcap

Token Allocation

Awesome Team

VTV’s mission is to deliver the world’s most incentivised, blockchain-enabled short form video sharing platform. Our team is full of experienced individuals who are dedicted towards the success and prosperity of this platform.

Eric Liboiron
Eric LiboironFounder and Interim CEO

Savanna Patterson
Savanna PattersonOperations

Jeremy Harkness
Jeremy HarknessVP R&D

Matthew Cochrane
Matthew CochraneDev Ops Engineer

Alee Armaghan
Alee ArmaghanSystem Administrator

Rhys Parry
Rhys ParryAdvisor

Hasan Ali
Hasan AliBlochain Developer

Muhammad Arslan
Muhammad ArslanMobile App Developer

Shafaq Ayyub
Shafaq AyyubBlockchain Developer

M Salman Rahimi
M Salman Rahimi UI/UX Designer

Usman Khan
Usman KhanBusiness Development Manager at Algorepublic

Luca Bizzarro
Luca BizzarroCreative Direction Manager

Joey Magri
Joey MagriCommunity Engagement Manager

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